Interview with Dario Mikić, Serbian-American powerlifter and world champion

He was born on September 8, 1987 in Teslić, today’s Republic of Srpska. Now he lives in the state of Idaho since 2006.

wn country. At every competition, they would point out that I’m an American of Serbian origin.


HE: In what measure did America make You a better man and patriot?

DM: America made me a better man and patriot because she gave me the right of free-thinking.


HE: Why should a patriot from Serbia or from the rest of Europe have to experience all benefits of living in the USA?

DM: As I already pointed out, every patriot should experience that American freedom and right on everything. Having your own opinion in America won’t get you to the court.


HE: Did You and how much did You experience judgment from your fellow Serbs for having pro-American stance?

DM: Many Serbs judge me and say that I’m a traitor, but I don’t care about their opinions. I have my own free life and they have the right to speak their minds, I respect that. I’ll stay pro-American as long as I’m alive. I’ll proudly represent America at all of my competitions.


HE: In Your opinion, who is the main culprit for the animosity of Serbs towards the USA?

DM: The main culprit is the system. Communism and fear of a better life are still in power in Serbia.


HE: Who or what is the common enemy of Serbia and the USA?

DM: The main enemy between Serbia and the USA is Russia.


HE: How well does the concept of „liberty“ functions in a practical sense, when we speak about the achievement of human rights in the USA?

DM: The idea of liberty has a very strong influence. Everyone has the same rights no matter what their opinions are. In Europe, you can’t be pro-racism while in America you can without any problems.


HE: Can You say for Yourself that you have fulfilled the „American dream“?

DM: Eighty percent. Everything that I wished I have accomplished. A comfortable life and enough time for myself and my family.


HE: How much is the United States ahead compared with the rest of the world when it comes to gun ownership?

DM: When it comes to that I’d love you to visit me and see my collection of weapons. From military weapons to weapons for hunting. Freedom of gun carrying is basically 100%. I carry my gun wherever I go.


HE: What’s Your opinion about politics and the conflict between various political tides in the US?

DM: I think that Democrats want to be in power for sake of their own interests and not for the interests of the people. Republicans work for the interests of their people and want America to be the number one as she has been.


HE: How do You look at the racial aspect and the racial intolerance in the USA?

DM: Democrats want to make a mixed-up nation, but thank God, in America, whites are the majority and they in general have a very strong stance for the white race. Of course, there are exceptions, but not that many. California is a bit more liberal state, but that’s just a single state in America.


HE: What is the greatest danger for survival and the future of the US?

DM: Democrats are the greatest danger for the US. They want to establish the communist system, but they won’t succeed.


HE: How would You react if a Party of Serbian-American Alliance was established?

DM: That would be the best idea. Such a party should be established in order to promote the US in Serbia so that not only stories of how the US bombarded us would be told. Serbs need to know that during the bombing of Serbia Bill Clinton and Democrats were in power and we all know that Democrats work only for their own interests. If Trump was in power back then it would all end up differently.


HE: Would You be willing to mediate as a diplomat in the establishment of strong partnership ties between Serbia and the USA?

DM: I’d very gladly lead that. We need the right people to explain to Serbs that America isn’t what they think.


HE: Do you believe that democracy actually exists?

DM: I don’t think that democracy exists, especially in Europe.


HE: Is some alternative system of survival needed for today’s white man?

DM: Yes, it is needed. As we can see, racial mixing is being promoted more and more. According to today’s norms, it’s normal for a white woman to give birth to a black child.


HE: What do You think about the idea of „Holy Europe “?

DM: A very good idea. It should be worked on the creation of Christian Europe so that Europe stays what she was before, a land for white people. The entrance should be denied to all Muslim immigrants and African too. Germany isn’t in Germany anymore. Africans have conquered her and they do whatever they want, just like in France.


HE: For the ending, what would You propose to every patriot who has an anti-American stance?

DM: To every patriot who has the anti-American stance I’d say to open his eyes better when he looks at Russia. When have Russians helped us? Never. If we stood on the side of America Albanians wouldn’t proclaim Kosovo independent. Why didn’t Russia do something about that? America has invested more money in Serbia than anyone else. Russia has some interest and that’s why they are pulling us away from the US, but God willing, that won’t last forever. I believe that Serbs will open their eyes one day and see the truth.


Main and responsible editor: Andrija Sekulic
Redaction: Damjan Timotijevic, Nenad Stajic, Milos Gonev
translated by Damjan Radulovic

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