Commander of the Sovereign Military Order of the Dragon (Protector of Serbia and high protector of the Holy church) President of SNM "Zbor", commander of the Military of St. George and the chairman of the APP MEF, captain Srdjan Mrkaja

From Serbia comes the voice to all peoples of enslaved Europe. From tormented Serbia, full of wounds, raped and beaten up, pillaged and condemned, exiled and despised… from Serbia comes the flag of freedom. From the undead and buried Serbia comes out the new spirit and new strength… new hope… new idea which leads towards the resurrection of whole Europe.
We, the military of Saint George, have proclaimed the final Crusade (cruce signati) against all enemies of Christ, Holy Church and white Europe… against all internal and external, secret and public… against all haters of Christ and our blood.
We, the military of Saint George, invite all European patriots to join us in this final Crusade which will be lead until the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


But brothers, you should well know that this holy war won’t be lead like other wars. This crusade will be bloodier of all other, more dangerous than all other, tougher than all other… because the enemy has already enslaved us and conquered our territories. Our greatest enemy is within us. Those are our weaknesses, our mind which is mutilated with leftist emptiness… our godlessness which has led us to the abyss… heresies which like gangrene have spread over our whole being. That’s why in the first place we must wage a holy war against that vile cancer in ourselves.
Parallel to that, we must wage a holy war against Asian – Islamic – African invasion of terrorists, who some call migrants.
Parallel to that, we must wage holy war for the building of the Parallel System of survival because states don’t exist anymore. They are just shells with programmed content suited for enslavement. We must establish our own institutions and learn how to live and work, exchange goods and be solidary… all of that, independent from the official system as much as possible. Throughout Europe, we must establish small hearths (small communities) made of few families and individuals which would be autonomous from the official system. Hearths which would produce healthy food and drinks and enable biological survival. Hearths in which all Divine laws (supernatural and natural) will be obeyed and respected and the true Christian faith will be cherished. Hearths which would be physically distant away from modern Sodoms and Gomorrahs for which it’s known how they will end.
Look, brothers, fellow patriots… before us are huge challenges and hard temptations, but we don’t have a choice. If we don’t succeed we’ll become the slaves of the antichrist who is coming and is already present everywhere through his servants.

This last and final crusade will be waged on various levels in every moment in all manners and at every place. That will be a holy war for our souls and our blood.

S.M. “Holy War”