Interview with Srđan Mrkaja, President of the Serbian National Movement „Zbor“ and the supreme commander of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of the „Dragon”

„Holy Europe“ (hereinafter „HE“): In the beginning, we’d like to thank You for Your goodwill and for taking the time to, we could say, have the honor to be the first interviewed person on our Internet newspaper.



HE: 1. You are at the head of two organizations in Serbia, could You tell us, in short, what do those two organizations (SNM „Zbor“ and SOK „Dragon“) represent?!

Srđan Mrkaja (hereinafter „SM“): Gladly. SNM „Zbor“ is the only free organization of genuine patriots of organic provenance in Serbia, with a fully original ideology (not only in the Serbian framework but also in European framework). When it comes to the SOK „Dragon“, that is the only chivalrous brotherhood.


HE: 2. Are those two organizations in some kind of correlation, alliance, or something similar?!

SM: Those two organizations are the two wings of the new Serbian man, of the new nobility, new Serbian aristocracy. Two wings, but one body and one head. That eagle will carry us far. Also, that eagle and those wings aren’t only Serbian but are also European.


HE: 3. You are the only organization that has defined itself as parallel, which means that you lead the struggle for the building of the Parallel System. Could You clarify to our readers what does that actually mean?!

SM: Not only in Serbia but also, as far as I know, in Europe if not even wider, we are the only organization that has defined its strategic position in such a way that practically makes the essence of our ideological methodology. That means that we have rejected the Systemic and Anti-systemic struggle as not only meaningless, but also as very harmful since we consider that we shouldn’t try fixing or bettering the official system, nor that we should try taking it down or trying changing it with some other system. We simply believe that we should act in a way that is. parallel in relation to the existing official system, communicating with it only as much is necessary, and that we should all our strengths and potentials direct towards the building of our own system of values and survival.


HE: 4. Complete refreshment in today’s circumstances, a man could say. Do You think that something like that is realistically possible and achievable?!

SM: What is reality?!


HE: 5. Well, I don’t know, I’m asking You. Reality is something certain, I guess, isn’t it?!

SM: But what is certain, if You’d be kind to tell me?!


HE: 6. Excuse me, but isn’t it obvious… Can I ask and You give answers?!

SM: But what is obvious young mister?! You see, the reality is a very questionable category, even grotesque. I, let’s say, could drink coffee with you completely peacefully and that would be realistic, but what if I stab you in the eye with an awl?! Wouldn’t that also be realistic?! So, the reality in itself doesn’t exist. It’s a deception for which people often reach when something needs to be introduced as a dogmatic certainty. In essence, humans are free and according to that, we humans create our own reality. And of course, you can freely ask questions, but that doesn’t exclude my inversive maneuvers if I estimate that they are needed.


HE: 7. So the SNM „Zbor” completely ignores the systemic and anti-systemic struggle which is that you don’t participate in it?!

SM: On the contrary, we don’t ignore anyone or anything, we are just trying to give everyone the deserved attention. We watch all happenings related to systemic and anti-systemic struggle and estimate the situation on a daily basis. We can, in some concrete situations, even participate as individuals. However, our stance is that in the end systemic and anti-systemic struggle can’t bring any use or essentially solve any problem.


HE: 8. Can SNM „Zbor“, with it’s so decided and so clear stance, even cooperate with anyone on any question?!

SM: Of course it can. Our stance is one thing, but completely other thing is communication and finding of possibilities in a sense of concrete cooperation. That doesn’t mean that we accept the systemic or anti-systemic struggle as relevant. That means that we offer to other organizations and informal groups and individuals to upgrade their position and ideology with our ideas. So, they can be systemic organizations, but which would be dealing with the building of the parallel system, in that sense they can cooperate with us. There are many various possibilities for communication and cooperation even when it isn’t possible through „Zbor“ it could maybe be possible through SOK „Dragon“. In the end, all of those are constructs and channels for communication.


HE: 9. Your last thought isn’t clear to me. What do you mean by „when communication isn’t possible through ‚Zbor‘ it could maybe be possible through SOK ‚Dragon‘“?!

SM: Well, I’ve already explained that. All of those are communicative constructs and channels for cooperation in the end. Those are two wings of one same eagle.


HE: 10. You stand for the „Doctrine of Attack“. What is the „Doctrine of Attack“ actually?!

SM: The „Doctrine of Attack“ is a strategic determinant, the concept of applied philosophy, and a component of our ideology. „Doctrine of Attack“ is a God’s law that is deeply inwrought in the life itself… in its essence.


HE: 11. Some would say that it’s pretty aggressive and not much tolerant. It reminds of Machiavellian principles.

SM: Are you asking a question or stating?!


HE: 12. In the first place let it be a question.

SM: You will have to read my book „Doctrine of Attack“. I highly respect Machiavelli, but the perceptive view of this doctrine is significantly wider and deeper because it concerns the essence of life and not just of some concrete discipline such as politics.


HE: 13. Your project is the well-known „Holy Europe“ and the Alliance of Patriotic Parallel Movements of European Folks (APP MEF) and also Order of the „Knights of Hagia Sophia“?!

SM: „Holy Europe“ is much more than just a project. It is something that has upgraded and spread our idea on the whole of Europe and its colonies. „Holy Europe“ is an idea in an idea. With it, we have fully opened our minds. Lord has utterly enlightened us with the „Holy Europe“. Europe as we see it can only be holy, sanctified. Only like that „Europe“ can be in Europe again. „Holy Europe“ is the spark of genuine Christianity which has never got extinguished and was waiting all these centuries to be recognized and accepted by those who are chosen to ignite it and out of it makes a huge flame of truth which will every genuine son of the Holy Church carry with dignity trough the darkness of lies and half-truths, witnessing all the time till the Second Coming of Christ.

The Alliance of Patriotic Parallel Movements of European Folks (APP MEF) is an alliance that unites all organizations, informal groups and individuals who accept the Agenda of Holy Europe, and the Order of the „Knights of Hagia Sophia“ is the chivalrous-militant wing of the alliance.


HE: 14. Ambitious. I shouldn’t ask You is that realistic?!

SM: Feel free to ask. You know that you’ll get the right answer.


HE: 15. It’s actually all about your book?!

SM: Yes… it is about my book in which that idea is presented and it’s shortened version is the Agenda which is already available on social media and internet in general.


HE: 16. Mister Mrkaja, thank you for the interview and we wish you good health and all the best in life.

SM: Thank you… I wish you a lot of successful interviews and that your spark ignites into a huge flame. God bless you.


Main and responsible editor: Andrija Sekulic

Redaction: Damjan Timotijevic, Nenad Stajic, Milos Gonev

translated by Damjan Radulovic

INTERNET NEWSPAPER „Holy Europe“ – Interview No.1

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