Alliance of Patriotic Parallel Movements od European Folks  (APPMEF)


✔️ Restoration of Christian Europe (based on pre-1054 confession of faith)
✔️ Building of parallel system through establishment of self-sustainable communities
✔️ Restoration of patriarchy
✔️ Pro-Life
✔️ Preservation of European race
✔️ Traditionalism
✔️ Absolute monarchism
✔️ Establishment of new aristocracy
✔️ Attack, conquest, initiative
✔️ Knighthood
✔️ Pro-Gun


❌ Atheism
❌ Neopaganism
❌ Ecumenism and hippie “christianity”
❌ Fatalism & defeatism
❌ Liberalism & democracy
❌ Leftist ideas (anarchism, marxism, communism, bolshevism…)
❌ Individualism & conformism
❌ Fake nationalism
❌ Pacifism, integral inertness and the cult of defense
❌ Interracism and multiculturalism
❌ Republicanism
❌ Globalism
❌ Idolatry
❌ Freemasonry and similar evil societies
❌ Systemic struggle (voting, political campaigns, protests, strikes…)
❌ Anti-systemic struggle (overthrowing governments, violent protests)
❌ Forced vaccination and covid terror

We focus on building of a parallel system, not on fixing the corrupted official system and we are not trying to overthrow any government since they are so corrupted that they’ll fall apart on their own and also governments have police and military and can destroy us if we provoke them.